My Pencil & colour world

Me & My Pencil & colurs

As a child I was shy, introvert, takes time to open up & get mixed with other kids my parents were worried especially my mother whenever I used to go to my granny’s town I used to play alone my granny too observed this. Sometimes my mother used to draw sparrow, crow for me N tell me to fill the colours as a child I  used to do what my mother told me. As days passed into years & as middle school goer I was interested in drawing.

In high school I selected drawing as my optional subject to music where Mrs. Vaze was my drawing teacher. She was very silent, skillful art teacher who makes our time wonderful by telling the history of drawing in India along with sketches.

The first introduction of pencil sketches to me was at that time. She used to gives us subject & guide us & gave freedom to our ideas to draw what’s in our mind. I know being a eight standard student  when she gave us subject & told us to draw Cowboy with his cattle When I showed her she liked my drawing she told me corrections & asked me to draw & colour on the drawing sheet. She pinned my picture on the drawing board work by students & shown to everybody. Mrs. Vaze used to tell us drawbacks of picture very skillfully without hurting the feeling of the students. Though at this stage my drawing was not go good but came to know about what is primary, secondary  colours,  what VIBGYOR is . This what I draw at that time is still with me as my one of precious things of my school days. my cowboy painting along with 2 other drawing work. today too I kept it as my school days memory. 

As a science student up to 11 & 12 my mother was with me who helped me sometimes to draw diagrams as due to hectic schedule it was not sometimes possible for me to draw several diagrams on one day my mother who is my mentor, supporter, care taker she is all in one.

While doing my graduation in general science it was again difficult task for me to drawing 50-100 diagrams for my journals, project work etc. by this time I had decided to join Drawing Intermediate Examination for improvement &  at least to have free hand to draw diagram. I was very fortunate that there was very nice class running By  Late. Mr. N. B. Dikhole one of the very famous Art Teacher & public Icon of my city Nagpur,  Maharashtra Kala Mahavidyalaya was very famous for art, drawing students. I was so lucky that I got little guidance of Mr.  N. Dihole who was indeed born art teacher who used to guide all his student with his wonderful creative, mind & my journey of drawing now started off. Every day out class sir used to give us home work  of nature, design, still life etc. especially for memory. Generally it is very easy to find memory drawing but while drawing all those ideas into pictures then it makes difficult to me at that time our teacher used to tell us ins & out of the pictures.

I like to draw still life, nature, colouring, free hand  as far as concerned of me it is easy than memory drawing. No doubt drawing widen my vision to look at any object, n dance of rays on still objects while drawing it which makes your drawing alive.

Different windows of drawing like still life, memory, design, sketches, nature, geometry are far wide it is up to you how much you can grasp it actively as a voracious learner. My Nature, still-life, memory practice are as fallows as a student.

It is different thing that I passed intermediate examination with C grade but it helps me a lot ahead as a science student as well as as a teacher it strengthen my confidence level.

Later, I learned pencil sketch too but unfortunately I could not continue for longer time because of my college timings but whatever I draw with lead i.e. pencil I would like to share with you. 

Drawing makes you to get stress free, it is  best channel where you can express you feeling, anguish, unspoken words into figures etc. The circle, square, triangle makes my life more beautiful, isn’t that true?


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