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Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala. This festival falls in the Malayalam month Chingam at the end of August or beginning of September, it is a festival that unites all the people regardless of race and religion.
The celebration lasts for ten days. People welcome their King Mahabali by spreading floral carpets (Athappookkalam) from the first day “Atham” to the tenth day of “Thiruvonam.” Women dress up in heavy jewelry and new saris and make detailed designs of “Rangoli” and 
“Pookkalam” (flower array on the floor) in front of their homes. The last day is called Thiruvonam. All over the state, rituals along with new clothes, traditional cuisine, dance and mucis are the part of the festival.
A vegetarian meal with delicious sweets and dishes are prepared and served on banana leaves. “Payasam”, a sweet porridge, is one of the desserts served.
The meal is followed by other activities like playing on the swing, singing Onam songs, Kaikkottikkali(clap-dance), Pulikali, Onathallu, O…

My Yoga Time

“MY Yoga Connects Me To God”

Gayatri Mantra: “Om (Sacred Syllable) Bhur Bhuvah Suvaha Tat Savitur Vareniyam Bhargo Devasay Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayath”
Every day I do yoga early in the morning since college life  in my open yard near to my mother earth along with my lovely trees as there is Tulsi which provide me healthy fresh Oxygen early in the morning while doing yoga & Lord Shiva  Making my atmosphere divine. I start off yoga by “ Gayatri Mantra mentioned above & My Yoga Guru Shri Janardhan Swami Maharaj Ki Jay” Yoga brings positive thoughts which keeps my body fit, vibrant & energetic. Exercising keep my body healthy. While doing yoga I visualize every part of my body from head to toe, enjoy good health & vibrant energy. Yoga helps me to focus on happy thoughts which gives me a wonderful sense of contentment making me feel so healthy & happy. I am ever so thankful to the almighty for blessing me with such a great guru Shri Janardhan Swami Maharaj & a be…

Tiny wonders of Sangi

Handcrafted World of Sangi 

God has created this wonderful universe along with not only Huan beings who has rich with intelligence but also beautiful nature which comprises trees, herb, shrubs, lakes, ponds, animals, birds etc. Ancient man used to take a bath when the development of civilization occurred man used stones,  natural clay such as black clay, Multani Mitti i.e. clay or mud of Multan. Modern civilization gives us many artificial things to us which are wonderful, adorable but has very harmful effects on our sensitive skin which is our Ornament . Among this all I received nice things to take care of my body, skin, lips etc with no chemicals at all. Each precious stone has its value like that each soap of Sangi has its own qualities. It is hard nut to crack which is best because all are best & on the top those are Handcrafted . Soaps for adults, kids, are available with nice adorable shapes.   I am really happy, & feel fresh because of the mind blowing fragrance, enthralle…





My Win With Makeupera

My Makeupera 1st Anniversary  Giveaway 2015

Thousands of cells of my body get excited Whenever I see Lake, Maybelline, L’oreal Proudcts But this time millions of cells got excited when I saw opportunity to grab all the  wonderful & skin friendly products on one bench as gift to winners for  Makeupera 1st Anniversary Giveaway 2015  +Makeupera
Where I had a chance  to win these products for me & as usual I travelled on the path of play to grab it for me especially I m very crazy about  kajal, lipstick. At last I won all it & here I am gonna to share with U.

1) Lp Kajal Magique of L'oreal :

MY eyes with Kajal 

This is really wonderful black kajal which has a magical effect on my eyes when ever I wear it as it has soft finishing power along with nice eye care ingredients like Olive Oil, Vit. E, Cocoa Butter etc. I like it’s packing black pencil with Pink band on it.
Link :

2) My favourite Lip Shade of Maybell…

My First Big Win as Giveaway player

My  First  Big Win With Bakeup & Makeup 

Being  like to play giveaway on facebook, twitter, instagram.  It is my dream to win something big win for me. When I came to know about 1000 the Subscriber giveaway of +Bakeup & Makeup  I was really excited becoz they were giving such a Amazing products to the winner especially their first winner L’oreal Cannes Ruby Carnival Pouch.
As usual  I was playing  honestly on #bakeup & makeup I like most short videos of #Dr.s of +Bakeup & Makeup about beauty tips, how to get ready for office everyday etc. she showed it very nice, simple, pleasing way. Everyday I used to see infact when every I get time to see I like nice short videos of Beauty tips. 
I was really Happy when I came to know that I m the first winner of L’oreal Cannes Ruby Carnival & will get wow products of +L’OrĂ©al Paris India

About More of My Gift Items 

1) My lovely L’orel Paris Color Riche Le Vernis (Fatal Lover-411) :  

This is really nice & captivating shade that…
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