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About Jepp

Jepp’s Ultimate World Of Comfort
Being a working woman when I have to spend  my time almost outside of the home, since early in the morning to the evening & get very little time to look after family, friends, & update about   fashion, stylish clothes. When arrives at lingerie I become very choosy because those are the clothes which gives U ultimate comfort to u & feel u Happy from 9 to 5 pm working day. I don’t compromise I always prefer & advice to have cotton only especially for Panties, leggings.
Today there are so many website which sells various kinds of lingerie products perhaps when you press the key while being online you may get confuse by watching uncountable brands with nice qualities. But when I find myself form the window of all in one counter i.e. comfort, affordable, varieties, quality then my choice is Jepp’s ultimate world of comforts where I could say 100% satisfaction for me & products are poc…

Mothers day

Whenever I start off to write about my beloved mom +Jayshree Bansod  I find new dimension every time & less words to describe her, define her, & ultimately I gathered her into new words. When I worte for +MasterCard  on mothers day colourful garments was my gift as a winner. I am glad to share with u what I worte about my lovely mom. 

 Me & My Mom

My Mother Is My True Treasure  
On this mothers day I am going to make Vegetarian Home Made Cake which my mother Jayashree like most she also like share good things with others so I will get her to Orphan home Where we could share our cake with kids N share true happiness n love with them  this is my priceless moment. I will be really satisfied being a responsible citizen of India we should try to share the happiness with others those who lacks. Because of such function we could able to know their sorrows n findout the solution for that. As I a teacher I love Kids.
My mother is my star who glows & spread the light of energy into…

My Saree Story for Peachmode

My Saree My  Rich Indian Culture
#YourSareeStory, I am indeed glad to share my personal saree story with you #peachmode. I have my special memory to saree. Saree which is the old traditional Indian attire. It reflects our rich Indian culture. The saree is one of the world’s oldest & perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. Over the millennia. It has not only become sensous, glamours all time wear for women. The cotton & art of weaving into fabric came to india from the Mesopotamian civilization. There is hardly any Indain women who don’t like saree. Saree has various kinds of varitis in India.  Each state of India has its won special variety of saree like Bengal cotton of Bengal, Paithani of Maharashtra, Kanchipuram silk of Tamilnadu, Ira Sarees of Karnataka etc. other varities like, Chanderi, Maheshwari, Tussar Silk, Narayan peth Handloom sarees. Net saree which is this generation saree & trendy saree this type of saree I like most. I like saree since …

My Surprise Gift

My Surprise Gift My Envy Box
After celebrating Xmas by visiting church as well as deaf & dumb school children I was busy with my instagram, facebook, giveaway. I was little sad becoz I was block during xmas celebration on Instagram. I was at my sixes & seven about why all of sudden I was blocked .
As usual,  I think it was Saturday morning while in the bed I was checking my notification, message & suddenly There was message of +IndianBeautyReviewer  who told me that u r my new winner of My Envy box October 2015 Giveaway I couldn’t believe so I checked the message twice & it was for me I was so pleased I thanks to god as #indianBeautyReviewer   is like Santa to me as those were Xmas days & it was indeed pleasant Surprise gift to me.My Gift received me on 2nd January 2016  this is really bright beginning of New Year& made it gorgeous. I feel very happy to share with all of you.

In My Envy Box 


Mishka Red Polka Printed Cotton Dress

My Ravishing Red Polka Print of Mishka
I was so Happy when I came to know I m winners of Navratri Contest which was held during 2016 navratir I wrote  for the link below: Style number : DFBDM12
#starsatstyleever : I like Deepika Padukone as she is my ideal I like her most from top to bottome her pretty stylish side  messy braid hairstyle, her dimple smile,  She look gorgeous in every attire . She look stunning in the link mention above where she wore copper n black combination Anarkali pattern perfectly suit to her tall personality. Elegant, with gracious smile. I won a gift voucher  & have to select from is indeed nice website which has nice wide collection of stylish, trendy, outfits which are available in all texture I means to say cotton, polyester etc. +Styleever.comknow the inclination of new generation. They have a potential …

Celebrations to Welcome 2016

MY Dazzling, celebrations to welcome 2016
I m really excited to tell u about my party Bash of 2016 new year’s celebration I was so happy the moment I entered the big hall of Centre  Point Hotel, Nagpur, Maharashtra, india  with my family N friends the coolllllllll waves didn’t hinder our excitement n enthusiasm. Everyone has his/her own way to express their happiness they expressed  by their way of make up, Tatoos on the body, stylish trendy frock, maxi dresses me N my family were eating nice dishes with lovely, tunes n slowly the programme took hold on our minds as soon as Barud enter with his Band in that big Hall, Barud was singing a song N we were dancing on his beats which starts at 9.30 pm N stops at 1 pm. Vocal chord of Barud is really awesome I think it is God gift. Barud brings various kinds of colourful Bands of merriment through his music.  Children were busy with their friends N likes to eat noodles, ice creams they too understand the meaning of celebrations.  So many “Yumm…