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Banjara's Review  I like to write about reviews of nice products I was really happy while writing for
which r really nice products I like especially rose water which has genuine fragrance of rose.

Natural Essence Of Rose
Banjara’s rose water is real & natural essence of rose. I personally use this every day which has no side effect at all & good for all skin type. It makes my skin smoother, remove dirt with baby care
Multani Mitti is real gold Awesome product, one can use in any seasnon, especially in summer when skin tone gets tan but multani mitti works naturally on face & gives natural shine to all parts of face including T-zone. Boon Of Banjara
This is really good infact I would say it is boon to us from Banjara as it makes us easily available to us in its purest form to make our face or hair glowing, making healthy & strong.

Magical Orange & Multani face wash
It has natural glowing power as enrich with citr…
When I write for nice   +Citywalk Shoes  for contest N win nice pair of Chapples. 
Citywalk : These r not mere shoes but ornament of womanhood which enhance her beauty, n make her confident, to prove herself without any obstacles, citywalk sandals define her(woman) personality, n add beauty into her look. “Citywalk Captures Viewers look n owners Pride”. “Shiny Sandals Seductive”.