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My Pencil & colour world

Me & My Pencil & colurs

As a child I was shy, introvert, takes time to open up & get mixed with other kids my parents were worried especially my mother whenever I used to go to my granny’s town I used to play alone my granny too observed this. Sometimes my mother used to draw sparrow, crow for me N tell me to fill the colours as a child I  used to do what my mother told me. As days passed into years & as middle school goer I was interested in drawing.
In high school I selected drawing as my optional subject to music where Mrs. Vaze was my drawing teacher. She was very silent, skillful art teacher who makes our time wonderful by telling the history of drawing in India along with sketches.
The first introduction of pencil sketches to me was at that time. She used to gives us subject & guide us & gave freedom to our ideas to draw what’s in our mind. I know being a eight standard student  when she gave us subject & told us to draw Cowboy with his cattle When I sho…

My Experience with P& K

Again with Priya adivarekar – A diary of Dancebee
While walking with giveaways, fortunately I got 2nd chance with lovely, pleasing person, beautiful face girl +Priya Adivarekar when +Head & Shoulders organize, Head & shoulder Review + Big Hamper Giveaway in Jan 19, 2015. 

It was really wonderful experience to watch out the review of Priya, her body language, facial expression were awesome, whenever I met this girl on screen it enhance my vocabulary power & like the nice flow of natural anchoring with her gracious smile. She told very nicely about the products.
This giveaway was little bit different because they asked us nice Question : Tell us about winter memory? My Ans was : My Winter Dream With Children(Dancing Honeybee)
#HSwithDancebee  For me winter means making nice healthy wealthy yummy hot spicy dishes quenches of taste buds. Going for picnic with students as a school teacher. Celebrations of christams means sharing of love, merriment, happiness, cookies, cakes with c…

My Twitter Tweets

My Twitter Tweets with Priya Adivarekar

I always enthusiastic to play on the page of Priyaadivarekar’s Dairy of dancebee. I like her Handle name very much it brings me near to the nature becoz of its name dancebee. Priya is also like honey who won best Entertain Blog in 2015. Her page always give me new info about fashion, style, travel across the world. I like her way of presentation whether it is fashion or style. She covers it nicely.
As usual while flying on the twitter I found #gosleeveless #contest going on her page +Priya Adivarekar  initially I couldn’t understand how to post so I sent her message & she response it quickly & I posted my  Sleeveless Snap  with suitable tweets at the last moment of the contest.

Next day I saw I am winner of Myntra Voucher. It was amazing moment being a new on twitter.
About Myntra App : this is indeed wonderful app which reads the fluctuating  minds of people & provides their taste as per their need. & provide their taste as per ne…

From My City Nagpur

Women’s Day With Gaysons Nagpur

I m always feel enthusiastic whenever I get achnace to write about my city, Apna Nagpur, city of Oranges & all the petals of my memorable day opens up with great joy & happiness. This time +Gayson's The Fashion Mall  Nagpur made my women’s day wonderful infact it made my day. O … my friends when I know that contest is organized by gaysons Nagpur on facebook I was so pleased as Nagpurian also conducting wonderful contest on facebook day by day. I couldn’t stop myself from being a part of women’s day contest which was run during 4-7 march 2016.
I know gaysons shop when I was a school going kid while going to school I used to see beautiful statues of dolls, which used to wore nice frock, trendy dresses, catchy nice school uniforms. I could say Gayson Shopping Mall is a pride of My Nagpur which is situated at the Heart of…

Mastercard & Mothers Day

It was a really wonderful experience when I wrote about my mother on +MasterCard  on mothers day contest last year & received wonderful ebay vouchers of clothes I was so pleased becoz I lilke to wear trendy, stylish, dresses, one can meet ebay on Their service is very good, soft spoken working staff. 
My Mother Is My True Treasure
On this mothers day I am going to make Vegitarian Home Made Cake which my mother +Jayshree Bansod  most she also like share good things with others so I will get her to Orphan home Where we could share our cake with kids N share true happiness n love with them  this is my priceless moment. I will be really satisfied being a responsible citizen of India we should try to share the happiness with others those who lacks. Because of such function we could able to know their sorrows n findout the solution for that. As I a teacher I love Kids.
My mother is my star who glows & spread the light of energy into me. She is twinkling star for m…

My 1st International Giveaway Win

My first International win with All Girly Gossip

Whether it isa male or female everyone like jewellery it is artificial or gold, kundan there are several kinds of jewellery available like Many Head Many Minds. Each kind of jewellery has its own importance since ancient india though this is age of science & technology but we Indian still stick to this old traditional rich heritage of jewellery culture.
I would like to wear all kinds of jewellery as it gives me different look with occasions. Every one wants to wear & have stylish, different, adorable  fashion jewellery. Day by day due to development in this designing sector we are lucky to have various kinds  of jewellary available today with affordable price. Marriage + jewellery is common equation of life apart from this now a days office going women also wants to wear  fashion jewellery everyday according to the occasion, as it enhance the look & define personality. While travelling on the path of giveaway I won on +AllGirly…