While Reading Learn to cook with Nita Mehta

While Reading Learn to cook with Nita Mehta

It is really nice book with captivating frontispiece while reading learn to cook I personally get familiar with new terms like a diagonal slice, Juliennes pieces etc.

One of the most speciality of this book is that Nitaji made different nice section instead of directly jumping on the recipe so that novice cook may get familiar with not only recipes but also kitchen Utensils. Description along with photo of utensil makes it clear the ideas of the cooking. 

This book also will solve your queries as it has FAQs (Frequently asked Questions sections). This may again help to cooking with fun & with less efforts making it best.
There also guidance of presenting & garnishing food which is the important step before eating. Now a days way of presentation of food also makes us to taste the food which we generally don’t like to eat.

This book is not a book but a mother is telling every side of the cooking when you will go through. One of the important part of cooking i.e. how much ingredients required for a particular recipe. Conversion guide will clear your doubts as it takes day to day measuring equipments so as to get easy whenever you will ready to cook.

She also focus on how to buy & store vegetables to make our food yummy & tasty. She explained with simple language along with cool photos

One should not forget that cutting vegetables is also an art so every soul should have basic knowledge of it.

You will get familiar with grain, pulses & condiments your vocabulary of spices & hersb will be strong & clear. Once you read & see colourful pictures. You will meet here Indian spice box, about herbs across the world. She explained in details about exotic herbs & how one has to use when use fresh or powdered herbs.

Nitaji not only covers Vegetarian section but also non-Vegetarian section too.
She gave tips for how to buy fresh meat, chicken, fish etc.

Organize the kitchen is also important for a good cook, said she. Entertaining in style, whether you serve welcome drink, snack, side dishes, special dish or dessert.

I could say thank you Nitaji as I get familiar with table setting until now I had no knowledge of it.  I LIKE SMALL TIP : HEATING & CHILLING PLATES FOR ME IT’S A NEW CONCEPT.

Hey reader, if you are going to arrange a party, don’t worry here you will get everything how to arrange buffet party & you will be ready & have week buffet party once you read this text.

If you wanna become a Chef of your family while serving dish, without degree then go through Nitajis  Napkin Folds  is there . it is really a fun when first time I made Napkin Folds.

Under basic recipe segment she told how to make Paneer, Soft paneer, yogurt at home with very simple & easy language.

This book is for all as it will be  boon for newly weds girls……. Haha,  :)  as she has given how to make Basic Egg recipes, essential spice blends/masala etc.

  •         Mocktails & Drinks : under this section she told be imaginative & creative while making mocktails. She gives every small tips how to make your mocktail juicy. Mint Majito is amazing 

  •     Starter & Snacks : As it is  finger food & she said it’s a good to serve starter on toothpicks. 
  •    She gave nice recipes of classic vegetarian Pizza, chutneys & dips, making of soups.   
  •      For Tonge Twister Nitaji suggest nice combination of dals for ex : TAKE ¼ CUP CHANNE KI DAL (SPLIT PULSE OF GRAM) + ¼ RAJMAH (KIDNEY BEAN). She also tells basic tempering of Dals.                                                                                                                            
  • Continental : In this part Nitaji tells us about how to make white sauce & some mouth watering non-veg recipe among all I like most CHINESE CHICKEN IN PAPPERSAUCE (shown below) 

  • Basic of Rice & Roti : This section is very good to the beginners here I find nice Tips for soft chapatti, phulkas & how to make Bhatura. 

  • How to cook Rice : like boiled, steam, & brown rice. 
  • Cakes, Cookies & desserts : here before jumping on these recipes she has given tips & points which make our cake dry, heavy, badly cracked cake. Etc.Chocolate cake, pound cake, chocolate mousse are really Mouth watering & very easy to make. 

End of this beautiful book by common but very mouth watering dish like Gajar Ka Halwa & phirni along with very secret tips to make it tasty like one we find in five star hotels.

If one get a chance to buy  or go through this book no doubt that he or she will be nice cook or chef for his/her family. 

you can find her on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/asknitamehta/

Thank you Nitaji for making my cooking easy. 


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