‘Give me a magic wand and I will……..

 ‘Give me a magic wand and I will…….. '

Give me a magic wand & I will go for a world tour like a bird fly high in the sky as I like the way brids used to fly since my childhood. I too wanna have wings.

It is my dream to fly in the sky like a bird having colourful wings to visit the children across the world so that I get to know various problems faces by the children while taking their education. As a child by god grace I did not face any problems while conduction my education but as soon as I grown up could able to understand various problems like poverty which is a major problem then distant school for remote village children, blindness, physical disability etc.

I hope if I will have this magical wand then it would fulfill all my dreams like every child across the world will get education, healthy food, shelter, clothes.
My wish to have schools situated in the valleys so that easy to get connect with the nature. It will be easy to convince the importance of our mother nature in our life and find solution to avoid global warming, pollution.

Once entered in the  field of education for all, step by step various segments will be open and find out solutions for every problem and would able to save our earth which is our true treasure of life. There will be lotsa birds in the sky which will perform dance to enthralled the whole world.

By visiting a various land across the world I would be fairy with dazzling robe with nice colourful wings and all soul (children) will sing a song of pure happiness. No sorrow no violence.
Child will have no tension of study, as curriculum will have hand in hand with practical examples. No pressure of parents to follow conventional track i.e. Engineer or doctor, no students suicide cases as it is one of the burning issue. Education with nature open the channels not only mere happiness but also mental and physical heath.

No doubt that our future generation will be physically and mentally fit and fine responsible citizen who would be come global citizen in the true sense. Our earth will be ideal place to live a peaceful life. This is what I wanna do with the magical wand. 

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