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wow, My Life Story In 10 Sentences

wow, My Life Story In 10 Sentences 
My life in 10 sentences are a mixture of like & dislike. I came into this beautiful world on my parents first wedding anniversary day in the month of June 16, my parents always tries too give me best things which they couldn’t get in their childhood so I am really grateful to lord to blessed me with such a a careful parents.

Being a introvert school goer I was average , honest, hard worker student who likes English most among all subjects & repel maths.

While growing into Teenage I totally fall in love of science where I could find more interest in Botany & Zoology so joined science stream become bachelor of Science. While flowing with life find more interest in teaching so became teacher while humming with practical life also takes interest in reading, net surfing, drawing. I don’t like boasting & person who tries to become over smart instead of appreciation, ignores the skills of others & pass remarks.

I think life is life is like…