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My Stanta Story & Jingles with Him

My Stanta Story & Jingles with Him Today I m gonna to tell you how my  Sweet Santa toy made by my mommy. Being a toy lover & creative mind my mommy +Jayshree Bansod  made this Santa from felt it is different thing that I too learnt how to make monkey from fur & felt. But I could give right shape to the felt. She made all body parts of santa at home she is inborn Tailor women who know how to stitch finely & save cloth. She made legs & hands from simple cotton cloth N stitch on the sewing machine & fill it with artificial cotton. She draw face cut on the paper & cut those papers N then cut felt from that paper cutting.  She  very skillfully make nice face parts like eyes, eyebrows, nose from brown thread & red thick  thread for his lips, beard made up of artificial white cotton. She knitted nice sweater for him made nice Red over coat of velvet cloth. Brown fur for his nice blond hair. She used nice white lace from waste material as used used to make dolls…
My 1st visit to Saint Joseph  Church, NagpurBeing a Nagpurian it takes me a long time in my life to visit a church. Generally I visited church through movies only but this time I think it was a call of Jesus to me it was my dream since childhood to visit a church but somehow I could not visit infact it was my dream to visit with dad but as he is no more. My feeling to visit church took root in the month of December all of sudden I feel that come what may I have to go N day came I got chance to visit on Xmas eve. As I like to celebrate Xmas especially during this season I love to eat  yummy for tummy Cakes when I was in the college I used to eat chocolates, cakes, N I made Home made cake too. Sharing cake with family gives immense Happiness fortunately I am lucky to have this.  My first visit to Saint Joseph church with my nice & best buddy, sister +Rameshwari Bansod who too was curious to visit there. I indeed feel inner tranquility as soon as I entered to the church the guard of ch…
I like to write my thoughts n feeling as soon as we see some nice products as I wrote for
PrettySecrets.comon facebook N won this nice Yellow Top I am so glad as a winner. 

Most Favourite Outfit

PrettySecrets.comMy favorurite product in this album is Prettysecrets Ivory Yellow Ombrye Layered Top which is really cool n have very nice colour combination white N yang Yellow is equal to peace, coollllllllllll. :) 

Banjara's Review  I like to write about reviews of nice products I was really happy while writing for
which r really nice products I like especially rose water which has genuine fragrance of rose.

Natural Essence Of Rose
Banjara’s rose water is real & natural essence of rose. I personally use this every day which has no side effect at all & good for all skin type. It makes my skin smoother, remove dirt with baby care
Multani Mitti is real gold Awesome product, one can use in any seasnon, especially in summer when skin tone gets tan but multani mitti works naturally on face & gives natural shine to all parts of face including T-zone. Boon Of Banjara
This is really good infact I would say it is boon to us from Banjara as it makes us easily available to us in its purest form to make our face or hair glowing, making healthy & strong.

Magical Orange & Multani face wash
It has natural glowing power as enrich with citr…
When I write for nice   +Citywalk Shoes  for contest N win nice pair of Chapples. 
Citywalk : These r not mere shoes but ornament of womanhood which enhance her beauty, n make her confident, to prove herself without any obstacles, citywalk sandals define her(woman) personality, n add beauty into her look. “Citywalk Captures Viewers look n owners Pride”. “Shiny Sandals Seductive”.

We hear you for +Femina India  fortnight what I felt when I go through this magazine as a usual reader.

We hear you (issue September 2015)
We hear you : 
Whenever I get time, I always prefer to read the femina & every time I find something new subject for women which suggest me to write for “We hear you”. In the issue of September 15 I like most the “The Body Languages Of Selfies”Which is current trend of young minds. Find bold article on “5New Sex toys” which we donote find about it by Akhila Vijaykumar this article throw lights on importance of toys & it’s availability. This issue is adroitcally satisfying the greed of foodie, traveler, beauty lover persons a lot as usual. Thanks a lot femina. Hope of will get more n more innovative concept about life from you. +Femina India Makes  Euphoria. :) 
Sujata Bansod, Nagpur, Maharashtra
We hear you for +Femina India  fortnight what I felt when I go through this magazine as a usual reader.

We Hear You October  22, 2014

+Femina India  have several windows for readers but I liked Octbar 22, 2014 issues’s window of “Lavani Performer Varsha Drape” under the catchy title  “ I love Leading Two Different Lives”. Her passion for folk dance as well as to fulfill her family needs really appreciable. I got inspiration of hard work to achieve success & like most of Varsha’s strong desire to educate her kids. “May god fulfill her wish.” :)

Sujata Bansod, Nagpur, Maharashtra
Your Say for +Femina India  fortnight what I felt when I go through this magazine as a usual reader.

your say of 8th Jan - 2014
I felt really proud when I read Femina’s 8th Jan 2014 Issue, being a Nagpurean I am so happy that Orange City’s women also has a caliber to show off this world & established a new window of new horizon of women. When I met Arundhati Pantawane   under the title “My Attitude is My Confidence” these are indeed true words & finds that “Practise Makes a Man Perfect”
Another paper tigress of Nagpurean Monica Bhagwaghar who makes eco-friendly paper for her “Paper age Limited” company. I like most of her quality that she gives employment to women especially unskilled women & also old women too. She is a perfect example of genuine mother who cares from top to bottom of her kids.(here women)
The article of “Brest Onycoplasty the new age” shows that Femina cover every ubiquitous of women life. Dr. Chaitanya anand Koppikar is an angel to the women who escape the w…
Your Say for +Femina India  fortnight what I felt when I go through this magazine as a usual reader.

Your Say of 2 Oct 2013 issue.

It’s really touch my heart  n inspiring to Indian Men  when I read about (2 October 2013 +Femina India  issue) Australian Jeremy Meltzer a real hero of this generation who respect women not only by his words but also his actions. Being australian who has attachments towards Indian women n willing to do something fruitful for them. “God May Make More Men Like Jeremy Meltzer”.  What a earnest & pure feeling for women Jeremy Meltzer have!
 One of the unnoticed disorder  “Social Phobia” & now which is increasing & common but thanks to femina for having solutions on this problem n makes to ease  this phobia. I am very much moved by the story of Uma Preman who is a widow lady & how she battled the odds & set up Santhi Medical Information Centre. She is a perfect example of “Where there is a will there is a way”. Femina is a true mirror of womanho…
Your Say for +Femina India  fortnight what I felt when I go through this magazine as a usual reader.

Your say, about August 21, 2013.
Femina is mirror of the Indian women (i.e. high class to lower class) which define women hood & covers every ubiquitous of women’s life. It is not mere magazine but also women’s world where she could find herself, her path (goal of life). I liked the encouraging story of young entrepreneur 28 year old Pavithra of Banglore, under the title “In Good Company” which tells us “Where there is a will there is a way”. One more inspiring story of 30 year old Sunita Dhangwal-Raut how she fight against her depression along with her supportive husband which is a rising problem in our society. Being a nature lover I like “Her Green Army” a fight of genuine eco-warrior Jamuna Tudu of Maturkham village in Jharkhand. I am very much impressed by her struggle. Being a teacher I always used to tell my students about “Go Green Concept” hope, you would give more storie…
hello, freinds here I am going to post what I felt when I saw picture below n what comes in my mind when there was contest on +Tata Safari  facebook page the picture given by them really capture my mind n all thoughts gushes from my bottom of Heart :) “Tata Safari TrueTiger of Indian Road”
It is my dream to See the God own Country Kerala with Tata Safari Storme rides to see my dreamland with my dream car(tata Safari). NO doubt thatTata is itself name of trust so I will be very glad tosee gods creation with man creation ( Tata Safari Storme car) which give me exhilarating experience to see tranquil backwater of kerala. And see mind blowing nature like pond ecosystem, gathering of birds, elephants, different kinds of fishes. Which delight my mind without fear as I will be with tata safari storme with which I will experience close gush of water to enliven my mind. It is only tata safari which will bear splashes of water & make a way for rider who is true tiger . Tiger(Tata Safari Sto…

“A True Warrior”

This is a true story of one of my friend told about himself it really touches my heart N feel really sorry n compel me to write a story about him n luckily there was a contest on +Grasim facebook for a  "self made man" n I found him a right person as I asked him n had given my story which I had woven into my words........... n got deserve title “A True Warrior”
here what I wrote 

“A True Warrior”He is indeed a true warrior being a 30 year old Ritik is lonely in this world but his childhood was full of happiness as he was youngest member of his family there were parents & had beloved elder sister Arpita. His father Mr. Jayram was supervisor in NTPC & his mother Radha was honest & soft nature but clever housewife. She had proud that she is a mother of ritik who was not only intelligent in study but also in other activities of the school. Ritik was star student of his class. Theirs’ was a happy family though they belong to middle class family but bond of love among …

Ganesha Celebration with Deaf N Dumb School, Shankar Nagar Nagpur 2014

Ganesha Celebration with Deaf N Dumb School, Shankar Nagar Nagpur 2014“Our Mother Earth Is Our True Treasure Save Earth Save Life” For me Ganesha festival means the celebrations of our rich Indian culture with great gusto. It gives the platform to young generation of India (children) to show of their hidden talent & get
Familiar with our culture. My idea of this year to celebrate ganesha festival is Go Green Ganesha to save our mother earth. This is my favourite go green clay Ganesha with real breaches of trees(branches of custard apple ect.) of my home garden I used green theme & instead of thermocol & other harmful material. My Ganesha loves to sit below the tress who says Trees are our best friends. In this way by singing a song of Ganesha, “Sendur Lal Chadha Achha Gajmukhko dondil lal biraje sut Gauri hark o” in a standard sound not so loudly. Without sound pollution. 
My wish is “May this Ganesha brings bundle of joy in your life n quench your desires which u planned, ope…

My Travelogue

I m really happy to share my Travelogue with +Clay Telecom in  ‪#‎TravelMemories‬‪#‎Contest‬ on facebook  N where I won too feel really happy :)

 <3 Orange City to Mango Land  <3 There is a time for all things so after a long gap. I had a chance to travel again this year to spend my summer vacation. It was a chance to visit Lord Parshuram’s Bhoomi i.e. Konkan a costal line of Maharashtra. We are three sisters were very excited to see the konkan bhoomi so my younger sister booked our tour which was for 6 days. We three sister’s friend was with us. I was going from orange city (Nagpur) to Mango land (Konkan) which is famous for nice locations as well as temples n Hapus Mango(Alphonso) king of Fruits. At last that day came for which I was waiting for like a Chatak Bird which waits for water. I went by train from Nagpur to pune & from there we hired a private taxi. We left for konkan on 3rd May early in the morning. Breezes were so cool, & refreshing my mind, my soul was sin…

Deity Images

Deity Images This is my Home made Clay Ganesha which is Eco-friendly,"Save Nature, Save Life"  :)  

Ganesh Pooja AT Home

Navratri Pooja 

Skati Swaroopa Maa Durga