“A True Warrior”

This is a true story of one of my friend told about himself it really touches my heart N feel really sorry n compel me to write a story about him n luckily there was a contest on +Grasim facebook for a  "self made man" n I found him a right person as I asked him n had given my story which I had woven into my words........... n got deserve title “A True Warrior”
here what I wrote 

“A True Warrior”

He is indeed a true warrior being a 30 year old Ritik is lonely in this world but his childhood was full of happiness as he was youngest member of his family there were parents & had beloved elder sister Arpita. His father Mr. Jayram was supervisor in NTPC & his mother Radha was honest & soft nature but clever housewife. She had proud that she is a mother of ritik who was not only intelligent in study but also in other activities of the school. Ritik was star student of his class. Theirs’ was a happy family though they belong to middle class family but bond of love among them was strong.
As days passed into months & months into years he was growing like crescent moon parents sometimes gets irritated because of the trivial quarrel between ritik & arpita. Ritik scored 92% in 10th board examinations so he decided to choose science stream he got the admission in one of the best college he was so pleased & engaged to make the bright plan for his future but destiny planned something else which no one knows.
It was his turning year i.e. ritik was in 12th & was busy with his preparations for the test series in his college & his parents decided to go Shirdi for Saidarshan for blessing of Babasai on new year’s day but ritik decided not to go as he was busy with his study as usual when he was busy in his study & telephone rang & he collapsed he didn’t in his conscious as he was shattered by the news that while returning from Saidarshan a mishap happened to the private jeep in which his family was travelling & he lost his entire family. Somehow he cremated his family but his struggling life seems to be commenced. His own uncles decided to expel from the property this was another blow of destiny to him. What a tremendous blow it was!. He felt that he is really orphan now but his grandfather i.e. mother’s father assemble courage for his grandson though he was not financially  well settled he could manage ritik for one year with the help of his father’s(ritik’s) bank account.  
Goddess  Sarswati was shower her blessing on him as he was merit in 12th board examination but his soul was crying & crying for his love ones as no one was around him to pat on his back & share his happiness. He got admission in renown college for engineering he chose computer engineering but again his path was not soft as there were so many stones & forks though he received scholarship but what about his everyday meal & expense? Some of his friends were true friends so they decided to give him their pocket money but being a self respected person he rejected this offer he made his own way to shape to his life by his own earning so he decided to conduct the tuitions of his juniors & earn a money for his meal & solved the matter of bread & butter. He is indeed a follower of great social worker Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil who emphasis on “Earn & learn system” somehow he could manage one time meal for him. By god’s grace he passed his engineering with 1st division.
During graduation he enthralled so many girls because of his extraordinary intellectual power but Mohini got successes to propose him & decided to get married soon with ritik. Those days were golden days of his life as they spend their time together very happily. Ritik was portraiting his family picture which he was lost but their destiny didn’t allow them to do so. One evening when ritik & mohini were taking their candle light dinner suddenly mohin’s father reached over there with policemen & arrest ritik. Mohini’s father filed a complaint against him as he doesn’t want that his daughter tie a knot with a man who doesn’t have family. Arrested  ritik was beaten by policemen till he turned black & blue then he concentrated on his study again & did his MBA from well known college. He joined reputed  companies like wipro, Infosys etc. but though he was earning nicely but his inner soul was not satisfied he wanted to open  his own software company so that he can give wages & open a new window for those who are needy. He earned enough money & could purchased his Ashiyana mean his own independent bungalow in metro city.
Again, life was smoothly running as day by day ritik met so many people during this period there was bright lady Leena who wanted to establish her software firm so she pretended to love ritik & he could n’t stop from himself to fall in love but soon he realised the fact & now he decided not to tie a knot (will not marry) in his life & will  live  alone & help those who are indeed needy.
His simple practical life gives a message to this society especially young generation who easily ends their life if they do n’t get anything from life or not achieved their goals. He is genuine light house to all of us. He is indeed a true warrior.

Every night he takes a sip of coffee & fasten his eyes in the sky to talk to his family. Does he took right decision(he will not marry)? Though it is difficult to live a life for a honest, simple person like him. Whether his parents soul will be happy by his decision? Being a human being can’t we spread the flame of hope of pure, honest love into his broken down mind? So that he can get his true love(his life partner) in his life which he missed a lot for the last 12 years. What u(readers) say? …………….. 


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