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I m really happy to share my Travelogue with +Clay Telecom in  ‪#‎TravelMemories‬ ‪#‎Contest‬ on facebook  N where I won too feel really happy :)

 <3 Orange City to Mango Land  <3
There is a time for all things so after a long gap. I had a chance to travel again this year to spend my summer vacation. It was a chance to visit Lord Parshuram’s Bhoomi i.e. Konkan a costal line of Maharashtra. We are three sisters were very excited to see the konkan bhoomi so my younger sister booked our tour which was for 6 days. We three sister’s friend was with us. I was going from orange city (Nagpur) to Mango land (Konkan) which is famous for nice locations as well as temples n Hapus Mango(Alphonso) king of Fruits. At last that day came for which I was waiting for like a Chatak Bird which waits for water. I went by train from Nagpur to pune & from there we hired a private taxi. We left for konkan on 3rd May early in the morning. Breezes were so cool, & refreshing my mind, my soul was sing a song at sharp 8.30 a.m. I entered in the Konkan region. I was shouting , howling & became crazy at that moment.
“I feel a breeze of wind
It was as soft as baby
It travels along the land
It comforts the grass that beetles n grasshoppers make their way through”.
            The scenic beauty of Konkan is really awesome, amazing. We reached at 11.35 to Murud to see the Janjeera fort. Fortunately we got last fairy trip as it was Friday (it remain closed for 2 hours for Namaz) after ½ an hour travelling we reached on the fort which is 90 km high n 40 km below deep in the sea. Janeera fort which was constructed by Siddhi Jouhar though it’s in the sea n facing the bangs of great billows(big sea waves) still it’s a quite good. our guide Attaulla was really a jolly person he gives us valuable information n shown the fort. He used to tell shayari so we couldn’t realize the humidity  J Siddhi used lime, sand n jaggary to construct the fort. There was wonder of nature too as there is a fresh water lake on the fort one can see the mind blowing sight from the window of fort. There is a Kalabangadi Cannon on the fort which is one the biggest cannon we spent 1 ½ hr over there then I tasted typical Konkani dish and chapatti of rice which was very yummy.
We set our for famous beach of Konkan Diveagar. I visited this beach through magazine but now it was face to face visit to it. I was enthralled by the cleanliness of that small village which is known as wadi. In Marathi entire wadi was like a painter drawn a picture on canvas. It was so clean n fresh air enliven my sprit at   5 p.m. we set out to see the beach we preferred  on feet walking as I was getting nearer n nearer to the beach. I could hear the rhythmic dance of waves n red brown sand was tickling me n encourage me to dance n shout. It was blackish slivery beach. It was picturesque sunset so many people were there with their families. There was boating, paragliding, camel ride, horse ride everyone was in mood to do masti. After playing over the beach we decided to have a Banana ride so we all girls gear up with life jacket n were in mood to sing n dance with waves. Initially I was getting afraid but my spirit call me I must go, the slivery foamy was calling me we went but after few minutes an unexpected incident happened with me. I was totally collapsed I can never forget this throughout my life. We suddenly fell down n then my mom’s face suddenly came before me. I thought that we all will die now.  I was shivering because of fear then I realized the importance of swimming being a good traveler one should know at least swimming. I came to know that what feeling or thoughts might have come to those who died accidently because of drowning. I was deeply panic  L but boatman who was with us suddenly caught me n as we wore life Jacket too but great waves of sea dampened our will power but some how all we survived n reached on the beach but I couldn’t forget the date 3rd May 2013 in my life. It was god grace who survived us.
Our next destination was harihareshwar which is a famous for its scenic beauty n beach. It is also known as Dakshin Kashi. It is an abode of lord shiva. We purchased so many home made products from here like Mango Barfi, Cranberries Syrup, sweet Jack Fruit’s chapatti known as Phanas roti, etc.
My next place to visit was Velas which is another wonderful town n interior part of Konkan n known for the tortoise’s land. This is world famous place where tortoise came to lay their eggs actually best time to visit over there is February/March but still there were eggs remained from which baby tortoise yet to come unfortunately I couldn’t see any baby tortoise. I was captured by its chocolate brown sea shore n silvery shine of sea which enliven my spirit there was a natural wood of Suru trees (English name: Coast She-oak Tree) near the sea shore which obstruct the strong waves of blowing winds to entre into the town Scenic beauty enthralled my mind n realized that “God is a Great Creator”
GanapatiPule was my next place to visit where I saw so many colourful Hibiscus  bloomed flowers which offers to Bappa. As soon as we reached over there we visited very nice garden which is known as Mini-Konkan. Where one can easily see the old life style of Konkan it is indeed true mirror of old konkan as there were so many statues every statues has its own unique story to describe we spent more than one hour over there n realized that “A Traveller without observations is a bird without wings.” Then we went to Lord Ganesha temple which is situated near the seashore where lacks of devotee visits every year. In the evening doing Prdakakshina (hindi : Phere) to temple this temple the serene atmosphere was disturbed by sound of beautiful white breasted eagle which lives on nearby big tree I could see its nest it was amazing scene. I don’t want to leave that place. But the fork of the watch was telling me sun dipped into the sea n I have to go my lodge.
Our next destination was Riagad Fort. Raigad reminds me the great Maratha founder Raja Shivaji who crowned on this fort on June 6, 1674, we reached on this fort by rope way which was a thrilling experience for me in this I have to travel from land to 820 metres high from sea level there are 1500 stairs who want to go by stairs.
Each destination gives me something good things again fortunately my guide who was 18 year old n nice boy Ganesh. I was enthralled by his vocal chord which land me in 300-400 year back. This fort is in very good condition having Granary, Secret Room Rani Mahal, Takmak Point etc. From this fort one can see the ranges of Sanjjangad (well known Saint Ramdas Swami Shivaji Maharaj’s Spiritual Guru) n Pratapgad. I freshed my mood by drinking fresh butter milk which sells nearby village ladies n girls who are financially not so well. There is a big hall on this fort where Shivaji Maharaj used to conduct his court nearly 6000 people can sit at time one of its specialty of this court is that though you are in the last row from the throne but even if you tear a chit of paper or whisper Shijaji Maharaj was able to listen to that which I personally experienced by tearing a piece of paper it shows that since ancient time there was Science exist n people were also skilful. With this we finished our Konkan visit which gave me nice n wonderful memories of bouquets n flowers of happiness. Now, my next honest dream is to visit kerala “God Own Country” J

I am really grateful to #ClayTelecom which gave me opportunity to weave my scattered thoughts into text. Thank u very much #Clay Telecom I enjoyed this travelogue very much.


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