My Stanta Story & Jingles with Him

My Stanta Story & Jingles with Him
Today I m gonna to tell you how my  Sweet Santa toy made by my mommy. Being a toy lover & creative mind my mommy +Jayshree Bansod  made this Santa from felt it is different thing that I too learnt how to make monkey from fur & felt. But I could give right shape to the felt. She made all body parts of santa at home she is inborn Tailor women who know how to stitch finely & save cloth. She made legs & hands from simple cotton cloth N stitch on the sewing machine & fill it with artificial cotton. She draw face cut on the paper & cut those papers N then cut felt from that paper cutting.  She  very skillfully make nice face parts like eyes, eyebrows, nose from brown thread & red thick  thread for his lips, beard made up of artificial white cotton. She knitted nice sweater for him made nice Red over coat of velvet cloth. Brown fur for his nice blond hair. She used nice white lace from waste material as used used to make dolls of cloth.  Slowly nice, cool Santa came out from her hard work I fall in love of this nice toy when I saw him first time he is so innocent, n feeling of Satisfaction is there on his face. He don’t want anything he used to give this whole world.
Whenever Xmas comes My santa come down from showcase. He dance with all my family members & visitors.  My mom decorate Xmas tree N other toys with this Santa. This decoration brings smiles, happiness, to every family member. Everyone wants him in one’s hand. He so cute, lovely, his talkative eyes tells a lot though he is speechless  & then idea for making dubsmash, jingles with him came into my mind for Xmas contests
.  So many times I cuddle, hug him N feel my heart with merriment, joy.

“May god give mother like me who makes such a nice Santa to her kids”.  hahaha 


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