My 1st visit to Saint Joseph  Church, Nagpur

Being a Nagpurian it takes me a long time in my life to visit a church. Generally I visited church through movies only but this time I think it was a call of Jesus to me it was my dream since childhood to visit a church but somehow I could not visit infact it was my dream to visit with dad but as he is no more. My feeling to visit church took root in the month of December all of sudden I feel that come what may I have to go N day came I got chance to visit on Xmas eve.
As I like to celebrate Xmas especially during this season I love to eat  yummy for tummy Cakes when I was in the college I used to eat chocolates, cakes, N I made Home made cake too. Sharing cake with family gives immense Happiness fortunately I am lucky to have this.
 My first visit to Saint Joseph church with my nice & best buddy, sister +Rameshwari Bansod  who too was curious to visit there.
I indeed feel inner tranquility as soon as I entered to the church the guard of church well us with smiling faces. Every one was busy to arrangement for the prayer of nite on Xmas eve. There was big Xmas tree along with My lovely Santa Statue in sitting posture we couldn’t stop ourselves to have clicked with him the moment I sat with him I feel like me too is small child. Then I entered into the main hall of church as soon as I came to know that Confession is going I really experience pin drop silence over there as there were fathers who were guiding the persons & I fasten my eyes on Jesus to fulfill my wishlist.
Though the church is on the main road but inside the church I felt sereneness, everybody was busy with themselves to connect the Jesus.
“May Jesus Gives Happy N Prosperous Life to Everyone on this Globe”.  I came out with lots of positive energy.
I am not a poet but still few lines came into my mind during Xmas periods which are as fallows 

:) My Jingle My Mingle :) 

Jingle is for Mingle
Mingle Means Twinkle
Twinkle is Dimple
Dimple means Simple
Way to invite Dear Santa
Who will Brings Bundles of Joy with him,
to distribute  all this world,
Merry Christmas to U
Happy Christmas to U   


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