In the Giveaway Race


 While running in the race of giveaways I met @MANSI_COLOSSALCLOSET 
 on the instagram where she organized winter care #Brown #Blazer Giveaway which give me amazing experience as it was very simple but nice giveaway. Where she could offered nice, woram brown #singlebutton #coat to the winner. It was my dream to have such a warm coat for winter & at last I got that nice coat. 

Manasi also have cool page on fb her handle is
who post nice, trendy colourful outfits for smart girls & handsome boys. She give nice fashion tips to yound minds especially to college goer.

Fuschia V-Kare Giveaway

 Fuschia v-kare is one of the rising brand in the world of cosmetics which provides natural products for hair, beauty & cosmetics suppliers with affordable price & wide range.

When this brand conducts giveaway on twitter @Vkare4u everyone wants to get this cool products for themselves. Everyone were trying their best to get it nobody wants to lose it. Thousands were in the row but there were 2 winners between them I was one.
They gave amazing glittering packing to the winners. Here are these wonderful products of Fuschia.

1) Tropical Alphoso & Black Current Lip Balm :  

Both these lip balms are very nice & have natural fragrance. One of its advantage is that they are easily portable. Once u applied on your dry patch it gets hydrated it may lips, elbow or any dry part of your skin.

My experience : is that I am using these product daily for my little dry lips which has no side effects.
I like most tropical alphonso lip balm once u applied on your skin it gives cool mango fragrance which linger longer time.

Ingredients :  Infused with natural & vegetarian ingredients like Shea butter, kokum butter blended with Vit. E provides extra moisturizer  & antioxidants. 

2) Fuschia Garden Lavender  Day Cream : 

This is cream with SPF 15 which privides UVA & UVB protective day cream contains  moisturizing elements that keep our skin hydrated & nourished with mild catchy fragrance of lavender.  Our skin gets dry because of hot sunny rays of sun.You can use this cream as a base for your make-up.

My experience :  I use this cream while wearing makeup as well as every day after bath which retain hydrated skin. As I have normal skin type but there were no side effect at all.

3) Fuschia Anti ageing night cream :

Infused with 100% vegetarian & Natural ingredients which prevents sagging of skin. This cream also hydrate &heel skin. Vit. E prevents prematurae aging & prevents the wrinkles. There is no synthetic perfume for fragrance. This has very nice natural fragrance of Arabian Jasmine.

My experience :  In winter this cream may makes T-zone of your face (i.e. nose &    lower part of eyebrows) little dry. But there is no side effect. 

Important Note :
·         Never use a night cream during day.
·          These are not animal testing products
·         You can meet Fuschia on


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