My First Big Win On Instagram

When Bundles of Lavie Bags won

As a Instagram player it was my dream to win Lavie Bag & fortunately I won not bag but  Bags i.e. 3 products of  +Lavie World which is amazing. It is handle of #hhcguiltfree  which fulfill my dream when they organize contest on their instagram handle #hhcguiltfree. it is also on facebook page its name is which is about trendy fashion house which cover all corners of recent trendy fashion attire.

Being a bag lover whenever I saw lavie I am arrested by its innovative trendy style. Lavie has an exciting wide collection of handbags & shoes that boost the mood of women ranging from satchels, totes, should bag, hobo, box bag, sling bags, wallet all have its own specialty with nice mindblowing products. Lavie has its won space in the mind of women I could say it’s a weak zone because of its bright to light colours for every age group. 

Having a collection of lavie bag which gives feel of pride. Whenever I visited every time I find something new to the customers. It provides every need of the women Lavie Lure me. Lavie is a fashion lifestyle product. It is a friend of women which help them to carry their essentials like cell, handkerchief, keys, books, makeup kit etc. Lavie has every colour shade like rainbow.

Now I am really getting excited to show you & tell more about what I received as my bundle of gifts so lets go friends from small to big one.

                    1) Ashley Lw Passport Holder (wallet) : 

This is indeed nice wallet with Turquoise colour having several compartment very easy to handel & accommodates a lot small things in it which are useful especially during travelling.

Description of this wallet

Material : Synthetic wallets

Colour : Tourquoise

Dimension (L X B ) : 21.5 X 11.5

                  2) Blue Sling Bag Sliver : 

This is also nice with silvery shine bag having long shoulder belt makes it stylish. It has its unique shape which makes this product innovative.

Description of this Bag

Materail : Synthetic

Colour : Sliver

 3) Nuevo HH Satchel Pink : 

       This is quite spacious office going bag with pretty pink powerful colour. It has very nice adorable look. It has its won style.

 Description of this Bag

Material : Synthetic  

Colour : pink

 One thing I wanna share with u that service to deliver to the products to the winner by #hhcguiltfree is really wonderful, smooth, instant. thank you team. 

Leader #Lavie capture my mind. Hope you too would arrest. 


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