Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala. This festival falls in the Malayalam month Chingam at the end of August or beginning of September, it is a festival that unites all the people regardless of race and religion.

The celebration lasts for ten days. People welcome their King Mahabali by spreading floral carpets (Athappookkalam) from the first day “Atham” to the tenth day of “Thiruvonam.”
Women dress up in heavy jewelry and new saris and make detailed designs of “Rangoli” and 

“Pookkalam” (flower array on the floor) in front of their homes.
The last day is called Thiruvonam. All over the state, rituals along with new clothes, traditional cuisine, dance and mucis are the part of the festival.

A vegetarian meal with delicious sweets and dishes are prepared and served on banana leaves. “Payasam”, a sweet porridge, is one of the desserts served.

The meal is followed by other activities like playing on the swing, singing Onam songs, Kaikkottikkali(clap-dance), Pulikali, Onathallu, Onappada etc. In Thrissur, a lively procession with caparisoned elephants is taken out while at Cheruthuruthy, people gather to watch Kathakali performers present scenes from epics and folk tales.

The famous snake boat races are also conducted during the festival.

My Onam Message :  “May This Onam Originate the Fragrance of Happiness, & Brings Good Luck To U, & Shows Right Path To Those Who Are Diverted”. 

Being Maharastrian ,I like to celebrate Onam especially for yummy for tummy Payasam as well as floral Rangoli during rainy season gives us immense Happiness N brings near to our Nature. 


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