My Win With Makeupera

 My Makeupera 1st Anniversary  Giveaway 2015

Thousands of cells of my body get excited Whenever I see Lake, Maybelline, L’oreal Proudcts But this time millions of cells got excited when I saw opportunity to grab all the  wonderful & skin friendly products on one bench as gift to winners for  Makeupera 1st Anniversary Giveaway 2015 
Where I had a chance  to win these products for me & as usual I travelled on the path of play to grab it for me especially I m very crazy about  kajal, lipstick. At last I won all it & here I am gonna to share with U.

                  1) Lp Kajal Magique of L'oreal : 

MY eyes with Kajal 

This is really wonderful black kajal which has a magical effect on my eyes when ever I wear it as it has soft finishing power along with nice eye care ingredients like Olive Oil, Vit. E, Cocoa Butter etc. I like it’s packing black pencil with Pink band on it.

2) My favourite Lip Shade of Maybelline Fuchsia Fantasy 112 : 

My Pretty Pink of Maybelline

This is really nice lip shade which enhance the look of wearer, it has nice pretty pink power with smooth finishing, which gives  natural shine to your lips as well as persist for long hours. This is my favourite shade too I like this Maybelline Magic Stick very much.  This has attractive packing of black N  shiny pink band on it which make it adorable.

              3) My experience with Eyeconic  Curling Mascara of Lakme :  

               This is really nice with no side effect as for me my eyes are my precious Diamonds to me so I always prefer to choose Branded product when it come about delicate Eyes through which we can see this beautiful world. This mascara add beauty to your eyes . One of the best feature of this product is that it has soft finish with Nice Curling Brush.  

                   4) My Lakme Lip Gloss of  : 


                        This is gloss is little bit sticky this is good for those who have dry lips N don’t want to wear lipstick while going to office or college but wants to just little shiny lips. This gives natural shine to your lips.

                        5) Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact with SPF 23 : 

I applied this compact while going to Party

                       This is nice compact which blends with skin without any flaw. The special features of this product are SPF23/UVA/UVB, Vitamine B3, Brightening Pearls. Every day when I go out I use to apply to make my skin fairer. This is Oil free, light weight which delight my soul. The affordable, pocket friendly  price of this product make it to have  N use.  I m so pleased with +Makeupera  what they have given to me. 
Thank you team to help me to have perfect makeup with perfect Brands.  :) 


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