My Saree Story for Peachmode

My Saree My  Rich Indian Culture

#YourSareeStory, I am indeed glad to share my personal saree story with you #peachmode. I have my special memory to saree. Saree which is the old traditional Indian attire. It reflects our rich Indian culture. The saree is one of the world’s oldest & perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. Over the millennia. It has not only become sensous, glamours all time wear for women. The cotton & art of weaving into fabric came to india from the Mesopotamian civilization. There is hardly any Indain women who don’t like saree. Saree has various kinds of varitis in India.  Each state of India has its won special variety of saree like Bengal cotton of Bengal, Paithani of Maharashtra, Kanchipuram silk of Tamilnadu, Ira Sarees of Karnataka etc. other varities like, Chanderi, Maheshwari, Tussar Silk, Narayan peth Handloom sarees. Net saree which is this generation saree & trendy saree this type of saree I like most. I like saree since childhood I used to wear saree since school on saree day though at that time it is hard to manage this long drape.

My saree is really unique for me as it is my favourite colour saree sea green plus violet the green is the colour of prosperity & our mother earth & purple colour which symbolize creativity.This glittering saree glitter my life. I purchased this saree from my first salary as a teacher so this is very very special to me.  It is so light n  has stunning look. I have very special priceless moment with this saree as we celebrate Saree Day in our school all my colleague teachers wore fancy saree on this day we took a golden moment click on this drape & went to hotel for lunch. The whole day I was doing masti, amuzement with my friends which I missed today as they left after marriage. Saree is not mere a drape for me but have my own culture I am proud to be an Indian lady who has opportunity to wear a saree. I used to wear this saree on every first day of Dipawali i.e. on Dhantrayodashi I feel so happy, enthusiastic as it is countless. Saree gives completeness to my womanhood. This is my saree favourite saree.

When I won nice Blue dress from +Peachmode for this story I was enthralled.


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