Mothers day

Whenever I start off to write about my beloved mom +Jayshree Bansod  I find new dimension every time & less words to describe her, define her, & ultimately I gathered her into new words. When I worte for +MasterCard  on mothers day colourful garments was my gift as a winner. I am glad to share with u what I worte about my lovely mom. 

 Me & My Mom

 My Mother Is My True Treasure  

On this mothers day I am going to make Vegetarian Home Made Cake which my mother Jayashree like most she also like share good things with others so I will get her to Orphan home Where we could share our cake with kids N share true happiness n love with them  this is my priceless moment. I will be really satisfied being a responsible citizen of India we should try to share the happiness with others those who lacks. Because of such function we could able to know their sorrows n findout the solution for that. As I a teacher I love Kids.

  My mother is my star who glows & spread the light of energy into me. She is twinkling star for me. Who is close to my heart. She had, has, & will everything to me. She encourage me since childhood as I was very shy & introvert child. She made me bold. She is my teacher too as she used to teach me till 7th Std. though she is from village. She used to write essays for me when I was in school. I kept those essays copies with me even today too. “May God give everybody mother like me & even in my every birth god may bless me  mother like her.” I am grateful to god very much. My mother is my angle. She is a real Jewel of me. She is precious to me as she has given shape to my life. I am really grateful to god that he has given me such a talented mother.  “Ma Jaisa Koi Nahi, maa meri maa”. You are my pillar. As today I am a teacher n feel proud. Her presence & warmth gives me strength to face ups n down of my life.

O ~~~~ Ye My Mother,
U r My Master Card
Who is filled with Joy, n happiness,
O~~~ My Mother
U r my Life Guard 


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