Celebrations to Welcome 2016

MY Dazzling, celebrations to welcome 2016

I m really excited to tell u about my party Bash of 2016 new year’s celebration I was so happy the moment I entered the big hall of Centre  Point Hotel, Nagpur, Maharashtra, india  with my family N friends the coolllllllll waves didn’t hinder our excitement n enthusiasm. Everyone has his/her own way to express their happiness they expressed  by their way of make up, Tatoos on the body, stylish trendy frock, maxi dresses me N my family were eating nice dishes with lovely, tunes n slowly the programme took hold on our minds as soon as Barud enter with his Band in that big Hall, Barud was singing a song N we were dancing on his beats which starts at 9.30 pm N stops at 1 pm. Vocal chord of Barud is really awesome I think it is God gift. Barud brings various kinds of colourful Bands of merriment through his music.  Children were busy with their friends N likes to eat noodles, ice creams they too understand the meaning of celebrations.  So many “Yummy for Tummy dishes were there Non-veg/Veg”. I felt satisfied when I tasted various kinds of dishes N my Stomach was happy.  Nobody wants to talk, every one wants to dance N all atmosphere turn into wow music world which enlighten our souls, minds to face the ups & down , Battle of life for 2016. while coming to home there were so many people who were busy to celebrate 2016 in their own way.
One thing I would like to share with u that function of celebration of New year went on smoothly being a women there was no tension during night too as there were so many families with their uncle, aunty, grandfather, grand mother etc. I cannt forget this celebration becoz this is first time in my life I share it publicly.

“May this New Year Brings Happiness, Prosperity, peace in every Soul of this Globe” .  This is my resolution What about U? Life is for make resolutions to live Better N better life to improve your inner soul. 


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