Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Trends of Trendydivva

Trends of Trendydivva

When I was trending with Trendy diva instagram page where wonderful & I could say mega #Giveaway was going on in the January 2016 as soon as I saw its post I was captured by its innovative, trendy, styles of outfit. Each outfit was unique & day by day they were posting stunning dreses. I was getting crazy n crazy each & every moment.
+TRENDY DIVVA  really deserves its name as it was establish by Bharat group  which is most trusted fashion house of India in 1985 at that time team was manufacturing designer Evening Gown. Later this group grows like crescent shape of moon & now you would get tops, skirts, shirts, Jumpsuits, nightwear, of desire colour with adorable look one of the best quality of this site is that they are selling plus sizes not only gown but also other products. They could provide service worldwide round the year.

Trendydivva has a wide collection  for not only girls but also women of any age group so there is choice for every one what to wear. They have nice collection of occasional dresses too. If one will go & visit the site of gown then one wants to buy every day then it is very hard to come back without shopping so shopaholic………. Come on here & see the ultimate attire world of www.trendydivva.com

Everyday I was watching & reading the giveaway post & inviting my beloved friends to follow this page where wearing the gown of trendydivva feels as if she is the Princess Cindrella. Each outfit has its own design, colour, shape etc. theses things makes difficult what to buy this one or that one or all…….. hahaha

Trendy diva made my day while selecting me day #32 winner. I couldn’t believe but it was fact. If it could have been possible to win again I couldn’t stop as this giveaway was continue till day #50. It was amazing journey with them every instagram girl has a dream to win on this page where she could find to define her own unique style & look like star. 

When I enter the house of trendy diva for selecting my desire dress as winner it was really hard task for me hours passed into days & days into weeks but I couldn’t decide what to buy becoz of its wide collection but fortunately I selected my dream piece of Jumpsuit which is very nice.

This is my Black Jumpsuit with Beaded Neckline : with Georgette Material having black & animal print combination which is really awesome beaded neckline enhance the look of the outfit then there is no need of  Neck Piece. Halter neck make it more stylish, seductive. 

So friends hurry up lets go to #trendydivva for your choice of outfit. :)  

Sunday, 17 April 2016

“My First Air Bus Travel By Jetlite with My Loved Ones”

"Jetlite Made Me Delight"

Every soul of this world wanna become bird in his /her life at least once & this is possible only if we get opportunity to travel by air bus. It is really amazing, exciting, wonderful experience with Jetlite airbus. Which I am gonna to share with you guys. I also like to tell u it is really wonderful experience to see the aerial view. Travelling gives me tranquility, happiness to my inner soul. I believe that Travelling helps a person to become a citizen of the world in the true sense.  Life without travelling is just like bird without wings. One should read all pages of this world book whenever he/she gets time.  "Travel Is Life" Travelling Open the windows of facts. Me & my younger sisters also loves travelling. 

Travelling with them  is really thrilling. Travelling is one of the most important medium to gain the knowledge across the world. Travelling is rhythm of life which eradicate negativity & infuse our mind with tons of positivity, happiness which are important things to live a life. Every travelling gives us lots of lesson of life only one has to open the windows of our inner mind. I feel happiness from bottom of my heart to share with you. Here I m going with you in the plane of my past. So lets go……..

 In my life for the first time I travelled by spicejet air bus from Nagpur to Mumbai with my love one i.e. my younger sisters  Shital & rameshwari  <3~~~~<3 this was too their first airbus travel.
 On may 20th  2011.  It was my dream cum true day for me.  We took off from the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International  air port Nagpur, Maharashtra at sharp 9 a.m.  we all three sisters were excited n eager. As soon as we entered into the plane we were little bit afraid but pleasing n smiling air hostess of Jetlite were with us whose hospitality land us into the happy world. Every member of plane were dozing except us. We were busy to observed the unlimited canvas of the sky as it was so mesmerizing.  We felt as if we are birds of this open sky.

We couldn’t forget the aerial view of world famous natural meteor impact Lonar lake. It was awesome & mind blowing scene to see with my love one the joy we shared was boundless. The fountain of smiles were there.  Our memorable eye-feast was that when our Jetlite air bus travelled over the sea as we were near to Mumbai. It was captivating aerial scene . we see nice breathtaking creed of Mumbai with Arabian sea. We  were shouted with wide mouth. As soon as we landed to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai. which is very big air bus station. For me it was “Joy is Journey”. “Live Life Lively with Loved One”.  This was one of my golden moments of my life which I shared with my sisters Hope everyone may get such nice mind blowing opportunities. 

Friday, 15 April 2016

In the Giveaway Race


 While running in the race of giveaways I met @MANSI_COLOSSALCLOSET 
 on the instagram where she organized winter care #Brown #Blazer Giveaway which give me amazing experience as it was very simple but nice giveaway. Where she could offered nice, woram brown #singlebutton #coat to the winner. It was my dream to have such a warm coat for winter & at last I got that nice coat. 

Manasi also have cool page on fb her handle is https://www.facebook.com/colossalcloset/timeline
who post nice, trendy colourful outfits for smart girls & handsome boys. She give nice fashion tips to yound minds especially to college goer.

Fuschia V-Kare Giveaway

 Fuschia v-kare is one of the rising brand in the world of cosmetics which provides natural products for hair, beauty & cosmetics suppliers with affordable price & wide range.

When this brand conducts giveaway on twitter @Vkare4u everyone wants to get this cool products for themselves. Everyone were trying their best to get it nobody wants to lose it. Thousands were in the row but there were 2 winners between them I was one.
They gave amazing glittering packing to the winners. Here are these wonderful products of Fuschia.

1) Tropical Alphoso & Black Current Lip Balm :  

Both these lip balms are very nice & have natural fragrance. One of its advantage is that they are easily portable. Once u applied on your dry patch it gets hydrated it may lips, elbow or any dry part of your skin.

My experience : is that I am using these product daily for my little dry lips which has no side effects.
I like most tropical alphonso lip balm once u applied on your skin it gives cool mango fragrance which linger longer time.

Ingredients :  Infused with natural & vegetarian ingredients like Shea butter, kokum butter blended with Vit. E provides extra moisturizer  & antioxidants. 

2) Fuschia Garden Lavender  Day Cream : 

This is cream with SPF 15 which privides UVA & UVB protective day cream contains  moisturizing elements that keep our skin hydrated & nourished with mild catchy fragrance of lavender.  Our skin gets dry because of hot sunny rays of sun.You can use this cream as a base for your make-up.

My experience :  I use this cream while wearing makeup as well as every day after bath which retain hydrated skin. As I have normal skin type but there were no side effect at all.

3) Fuschia Anti ageing night cream :

Infused with 100% vegetarian & Natural ingredients which prevents sagging of skin. This cream also hydrate &heel skin. Vit. E prevents prematurae aging & prevents the wrinkles. There is no synthetic perfume for fragrance. This has very nice natural fragrance of Arabian Jasmine.

My experience :  In winter this cream may makes T-zone of your face (i.e. nose &    lower part of eyebrows) little dry. But there is no side effect. 

Important Note :
·         Never use a night cream during day.
·          These are not animal testing products
·         You can meet Fuschia on  http://www.vkarebiosciences.com/

Thursday, 7 April 2016

My First Big Win On Instagram

When Bundles of Lavie Bags won

As a Instagram player it was my dream to win Lavie Bag & fortunately I won not bag but  Bags i.e. 3 products of  +Lavie World which is amazing. It is handle of #hhcguiltfree  which fulfill my dream when they organize contest on their instagram handle #hhcguiltfree. it is also on facebook page its name is https://www.facebook.com/High-Heel-Confidential-142231475817206/ which is about trendy fashion house which cover all corners of recent trendy fashion attire.

Being a bag lover whenever I saw lavie I am arrested by its innovative trendy style. Lavie has an exciting wide collection of handbags & shoes that boost the mood of women ranging from satchels, totes, should bag, hobo, box bag, sling bags, wallet all have its own specialty with nice mindblowing products. Lavie has its won space in the mind of women I could say it’s a weak zone because of its bright to light colours for every age group. 

Having a collection of lavie bag which gives feel of pride. Whenever I visited www.lavieworld.com every time I find something new to the customers. It provides every need of the women Lavie Lure me. Lavie is a fashion lifestyle product. It is a friend of women which help them to carry their essentials like cell, handkerchief, keys, books, makeup kit etc. Lavie has every colour shade like rainbow.

Now I am really getting excited to show you & tell more about what I received as my bundle of gifts so lets go friends from small to big one.

                    1) Ashley Lw Passport Holder (wallet) : 

This is indeed nice wallet with Turquoise colour having several compartment very easy to handel & accommodates a lot small things in it which are useful especially during travelling.

Description of this wallet

Material : Synthetic wallets

Colour : Tourquoise

Dimension (L X B ) : 21.5 X 11.5

                  2) Blue Sling Bag Sliver : 

This is also nice with silvery shine bag having long shoulder belt makes it stylish. It has its unique shape which makes this product innovative.

Description of this Bag

Materail : Synthetic

Colour : Sliver

 3) Nuevo HH Satchel Pink : 

       This is quite spacious office going bag with pretty pink powerful colour. It has very nice adorable look. It has its won style.

 Description of this Bag

Material : Synthetic  

Colour : pink

 One thing I wanna share with u that service to deliver to the products to the winner by #hhcguiltfree is really wonderful, smooth, instant. thank you team. 

Leader #Lavie capture my mind. Hope you too would arrest.